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Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch Program

Each year a dedicated team of parent volunteers help support École Morvinville Public Schools Hot Lunch Program.  Ordering hot lunch or milk is only available through our online system. Please register to create an account and use access code MPHL; you will need to register your child(ren) every year as they enter into a new grade and homeroom. 

Once you have registered you can click on the schedules and place your desired order. For milk orders we offer white or chocolate milk, orange juice, lemonade, raspberry lemonade, apple juice and raspberry or blueberry yogurt drinks. Milk orders are delivered every Tuesday and Thursday and hot lunches are two Fridays a month. *see specific dates on the lunch program schedule*

Food vendors supporting EMPS lunch program include: Booster Juice, Boston Pizza, Dairy Queen, Lunch Lady, Mary Browns, Mr. Sub, OPA, Pizza Hut, Edo, and Subway. 

Once you place an order, payment must be made by the 28th of each month or the system will flag your order as inactive. Method of payment can be debit/credit card via paypal or cash/cheque sent into the school labeled "Hot Lunch" or "Milk Order" with your child's full name, grade and homeroom. All ordering deadlines are the 1st of each month. (i.e. Oct 1, Nov 1). 

If you require further assistance please email, MPESlunchprogram@gmail.com and we will be happy to help! Thank you for your continued support!

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